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DO IT” name=”Sebastien” position=”President” awards=”Gold Medalist, Olympics 2012″]Just be 120% committed; Watch, Listen and Do, the only key to success![/icontexttab][icontexttab image=”3654″ promo=”4057″ title=”RACE TRAIN SHARPEN” name=”Nicolas” position=”Vice President” awards=”Gold Medalist, Olympics 2012″]Train like a legendary, ace the difficulties and sharpen your skills. Work with your team, trust yourself and sky is the limit.[/icontexttab][icontexttab image=”3653″ promo=”3857″ title=”BUILD DEVELOP CONFIDENCE” name=”Sebastien” position=”President” awards=”Gold Medalist, Olympics 2012″]You will be able to experience natural and insane obstacles, as well as tasked to conquer challenges at our aggressive yet stunning locations.[/icontexttab][/icontexttabs]
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[title_image title=”WHY CHOOSE US?” after=”” image=”3987″ css_animation=”bounceIn”][/title_image][archcarousel][archcarouselitem image=”3743″ title=”MONTHLY NEWSLETTER” short_desc=”1111″ button_text=”View”]Get our newsletters regularly to make yourself fit for our race. It’s all about our health.[/archcarouselitem][archcarouselitem image=”3747″ title=”COACHING” short_desc=”1111″ button_text=”View” link=”https://skillsharpening.com/training-skills/”]Our qualified trainers will provide you all the necessaries work outs to get you ready for the day![/archcarouselitem][archcarouselitem image=”4277″ title=”SURVIVAL TRAINING” short_desc=”1111″ button_text=”View” link=”https://skillsharpening.com/members/”]Safety is the utmost important element for us. We will train you and you will learn something new in your life.[/archcarouselitem][archcarouselitem image=”3752″ title=”YOUR STORIES” short_desc=”1111″ button_text=”View”]We are all going to share our stories to help each other for a better day. Why not?[/archcarouselitem][archcarouselitem image=”3753″ short_desc=”1111″ button_text=”View” title=”EPIGENETIC TEST” link=”https://skillsharpening.com/epigenetic-program/”]To be able for our coaches to check your aerobic capacity (VO2 max), this test to do by yourself is a run of 2.4km and indicate your time.[/archcarouselitem][archcarouselitem image=”4065″ title=”CHARITY” short_desc=”1111″ button_text=”View” link=”https://skillsharpening.com/uncategorized/we-support-orphanages/”]Skill sharpening helps and reverses a percentage of its activities for orphanages of the countries where we organize our events.[/archcarouselitem][/archcarousel]

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