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Multi Training skills online program is 1 program with 3 Skills created by Sebastien and Nicolas.
This program will guide you during 90 days to get stronger, fit and to be able to complete and finish the Thirsty Fox Race in France on October 2018. The training skills program are suitable for everyone!

Skill 1. Body sharpening: You will learn how to train for endurance, gain strength and flexibility, Elasticity are also combine in this skill such as Pilates and Yoga.
Skill 2. Running: You will learn how to run faster in any kind of environment and learn how to keep your energy for the obstacles.
Skill 3. Swimming: You will learn how to swim faster in any kind of environment and keep your energy for the obstacles.
From this type of program which consists to make fast series of vary exercises without turning it has body-building devices and by using only the weight of its body (Push ups, pull ups, squats, sprint etc.) the interest is to be able to practise at home or in natural environment rather than the classic gym.
Numerous of exercises are also adapted to: swim with heavy load, staircases fast climbing,
crossing of natural obstacles, swimming dressed, running in the mud or water etc….
To be able for our coaches to check your aerobic capacity (VO2 max*) the first important test to do by yourself is a run of 2.4km and indicate your time and age to us once you order the program.
*VO2 max is a measure of the maximum volume of oxygen that you can use. It is measured in millilitres per kilogramme of body weight per minute (ml/kg/min). Maximal oxy-gen consumption reflects your aerobic physical fitness, and is an important determinant of your endurance capacity during prolonged, sub-maximal exercise.
From there we will be able to give you the Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced program.


Fabien Ghys
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Founder of ER I’ve learned so much with Skillsharpening! Definitely, a solid knowledge when it comes to training and nutrition. I really loved the Epigenetic test that allows me to learn so much on nutrition! Thank you so much!
Sébastien Bodet
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Olympic Swimmer • Osteopath @UFIT Clinic • Personal Trainer & Swim Coach @Osteofit Thanks to Skill Sharpening for the epigenetic test! You will learn some amazing things about what to eat/avoid in order to train and live better! Simple and you’ll get the results instantly!
Jason Chee
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Personal trainer, fitness influencer of the year
Marcus Reed
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aka SG Kenyan Runner SG National Athlete Rec holder for 2.4km
Laeticia Person
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Journalist it's highly motivating to train with Skill Sharpening. He helped me to rectify bad postures, gave me very good advice and pushes me to constantly surpass myself. I really have progressed since I started to train with Skill Sharpening!
Francois Dubrulle:
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Director and Co-founder The Green airliner Skill Sharpening is definitely a compelling offer. Thanks!
Jimmie Lene Read,
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Certified Personal Trainer at Body Temple. I would get answers, be in control and no pharmaceuticals. Thank you Nicolas!! So what were my results? Whoa!! 0 Heavy metal overload. Oh dear. This leads to dimentia and Alzheimer’s! Thank goodness I’m finding out now so I can do something about it. This process has been an eye opener. I’m learning more about health and myself.