The valiant course for our kid’s commandos

“Two editions already. The third will be held during the Skill Sharpening weekend of October 6 and 7, 2018, in RIEZ (04500) “. It will promise, our little ones will have to prepare well because it will be bigger.

We wanted, through this type of course, to challenge our kids in relation to the height, the sense of balance and test their agility.

This type of course, which can vary from 150m to 1km (depending on the event location), allows the child to desensitise compared to the confined space, the hostile environment (spider and other insects), the height, discomfort. But above all, learn to listen and follow simple instructions, or techniques of passing obstacles.

It is important to reward an effort, so we attribute to the kids who have completed the course, a basic certif-icate of aging, official.

These small obstacles, rustic for the whole, were assembled using the natural environment as much as pos-sible. Yann L, Dylan M, Francis R, Tom and Laurent B and Sébastien had a big role in their realisation and disassembly, thanks to the strong guys. Thanks to Giselle C, Françoise R and Valérie B for their logistical support and good mood.

Congratulations go back to Sebastien’s daughter Elise R, who follows him on all fronts, facing the weather and testing each obstacle before validation. Bravo little fox, you assure.
And nothing like a family picnic for the occasion 😊

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