The manufacture of semi-overhead obstacles

“They will make you realize that all alone, we do not go very far.”
We wanted, by this type of obstacle, to put people in difficulty in relation to the height, before going to the upper stage which will be aerial (with harness). Everything in its time.

Before reaching an obstacle, you must always:
1. Listen to specific safety instructions from the instructor
2. Observe the environment of the obstacle
3. Organize and give orders for the team

In any case, you will not be asked to jump, so do not take shortcuts, they can be detrimental.
In everyday life, this will teach you to always take the time to observe, analyze and finally make a decision about a situation. In this case, it could be likened to:
– Passage in the mountains
– Passage through rubble of a building destroyed by an earthquake
– Work at height
– Intervene as a rescue team in a hilly environment, …

This could not be achieved without the efforts and sweat of many of us and in particular Francis R, Fergal K, Dylan M, Yann L, Laurent and Tom B and Sebastien.
To all, you deserve a good holiday, a big thank you and especially for your good mood throughout these days.

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