And yes, this mission has a number, the 1. We will continue our humanitarian adventure with other missions always beautiful and rich in emotions.

For this one, we can announce that the loop is buckled. Abdeer, the big winner of the draw has fulfilled his mission with honor and loyalty. Thank you for your good mood, Abdeer.

A little reminder of how everything had started.

The Skill Sharpening team had chosen an orphanage in Indonesia to sponsor, materially support, and bring food.

It has come to the idea of ​​collecting pens and other school materials during Skill Sharpening weekends. For this, one of our sponsors in Riez (PROXI super), was particularly engaged in offering a suitcase and a large number of colored pencils (a big thank you again). This collected material will have to be forwarded from France to Indonesia by one of our members who will draw lots.

What better than to make this draw at the end of our annual challenge, the Thirsty Fox Race. So Elise (5 years old), faithful and very determined, had the honor to draw a winner from all the volunteers and participants of the race. This is where Abdeer was chosen. We made a commitment to offering him a trip (5 days) with a person of his choice so that this suitcase arrives at its destination. It is Mathieu, his faithful teammate in the team of firefighters of Digne Les Bains who joined him. A great man too.

Once the school year was over, our two friends could finally accomplish their mission, so in July 2019. A sports week waited for them, with the presentation of Skill Sharpening Singapore and his team of runners, a session of Self Defense and Crossfit, short enough to take the boat direction BATAM, in good shape (a little tired anyway, Lol).

The surprise is that Sebastien and Elise joined them in this mission, so it was a great team of Skill Sharpening who was represented, with of course Nicolas and Kookie but also Fabien who was able to collect a lot of games and clothes (thank you team).

We were received by the tutors of the orphanage and the thirty children, with an overflowing kindness. Elise was adopted immediately, the little girls were eager to play with her. The little boys took on the challenge of setting up a circuit and choosing a few clothes, in short, a dose of emotions and simplicity that touched us all. We have seen the rustic conditions in which these children live. There is little or no subsidy in the country.

Info: Skill Sharpening is creating an app that will collect donations, which will help collect material and food more regularly. A mission every 2 months will be set up. This is not a trip from France, do not exaggerate, Lol. It will be the Singapore team (Nico and Kookie) to organize the transfers (45 min by boat).

An extension of the building on the upper part had been started and never finished, so Skill Sharpening will do a collection to build this missing roof. We’ll explain that later.

We all went to a second orphanage a little further down the island, where the welcome was just as warm, with a demonstration of their traditional songs. Real musicians, it was a pure moment of exchange.

This is how the France team left by a night flight, with the feeling of a mission accomplished.

Congratulations to all, to those who gave their time, equipment, and ultimately, have helped to make some children happier.

Get ready, next year, we take care of the roof.

Skill Sharpening.





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