The nautical course (or I’d rather say the Nautical Obstacle Course).

We build it and achieve it in 8 days. We are so thankful to ANGEL.B which from some photos data given by the Legionnaires, has been able to recreate the ideas of the ideal course for a great morning training. A designer Director. Thanks to Angel.B

The passion, The satisfaction, the help and ideas made by TOM et CLEMENT have been more than appreciated. Guys, you still want more obstacle course, we will give you more, lol.

This is not without counting the assistance of families and relatives (Françoise and Francis.R, Valérie and Laurent.B, Chantal and Francis.D, Sauveur.M, Yazid.B, Stéphane.M, Virgine.R, Marjorie.M, Sandrine.B), you have really helped to make things run smoothly always at the appropriate time, Thank you for all your help, you are valuable.

On the day preceding the demonstration (“Obstacles in the water”), with the arrival of the Legionnaires to support the President. Sergio and Fergal have therefore given us their hands by taking the following activities, i.e. “Help the volunteer and Organization of the course”. Obviously, the three Legionnaires have slept on the banks of the lake for the surveillance of the equipment; as they say, “une nuit de clébard”

The actual day, Saturday 12 August 2017, we were ready. A 6h30AM, Sergio, Fergal, and Seb have tested the course before the scheduled opening at 9 am. Back to our roots, a reminder of the memories of the past workouts.

Our friend and colleague CLAUDE.B arrived with his family (Sandrine.B, the two sons and the

“clébard”), they also provided incredible assistance and a good mood which has not finished to make us laugh. The famous kilt 5.11.

The participants have succeeded (family, friends, tourists), to lead us to a day conducted without incident, thanks also to our Volunteer Nurse Virginie.R.

This allowed us to ensure the reliability of our equipment, strengthen a few rules of passage, and introducing a new concept putting the obstacles in the water to avoid the systematic destructuration of the obstacles.

A wave of photos and videos will be presented to you on our bank of images.

What next? Be ready, the flying obstacle course coming soon!

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