Philosophy and Projects

Skill Sharpening for the coming years consist of 3 main projects:

Building team spirit communities all over the world with our programs

Skill Sharpening Week End and Training Skills to test your skills trough our “yearly challenge”.


  1. The yearly Challenge” is a race which will be in the mood of the country, region, animal and environment such as distance, obstacles, time of the day…

For Example the first challenge “Thirsty Fox Race” will follow the Fox trail in the beautiful area of Provence, south of France, trough the night and day by completing obstacles in the wild forest and lake of Ste Croix on 21st and 22nd July 2018.


  1. The Training Skills” including the Multi Skills training program that has been created specially to prepare and train the members of skill sharpening for the yearly race but also for those who wish to acquire an excellent physical condition.

This progressive training has been specially created with a large number of session of “body sharpening”  combining muscle strengthening body weight and cardio, as well as some aquatic sessions.

All are designed progressively from Beginner to intermediate to advanced in 9 weeks program. (3 weeks beginner, 3 weeks intermediate, 3 weeks advanced).

The goal is for you to reach the advanced program without difficulties.

Everyone will start at the same level and finish at the same level, in this training everyone can join, there is no major difficulties as you are only using your body weight, safety and technique position will be teach first to develop good movement patterns to avoid injury and improve postural; enhance cardiorespiratory fitness to bolster heart health, endurance, and performance; and increase muscular

development to build strength, speed and power.

Each week you will have a total of 10 hours of activities including 2 days of running, 1 day of swimming, 2 days of body sharpening, 1 day of Yoga/Pilates/Nutrition, 1 day rest.

The multi skills training requires no equipment, which will allow you to lead whatever the time and the place.

The sessions are extremely stimulating for the body due to the fact that they offer a mixture of Cardio Endurance and Strength, each athlete improved as well his resistance to fatigue, to pain and to surpass himself on each trainings.


My Brother and I with many years of experience in training and competing many kinds of sports such as Thai Boxing, Cross Fit, Body Building, Trail Run, Kayaking, Triathlon, Obstacle Race… has come up with the Multi Skills program who will make you progress in the sport you like and mostly our obstacle races as it is really base on the Endurance, Strength, Core Stability, Balance, Coordination, Power, Mobility and Mental Toughness

Few years ago I noticed that my endurance cardio was not so good, mostly when i was doing obstacle race so as I was training to much strength and body building,

I was only running the same distance and same pace 2 to 3 times a week with always the same high heart rate after 5-6km and get exhausted, I also trained cross fit, “tabata workout” but it was not enough for the endurance part.

Later on I trained with a famous marathon coach and only in a few month time

I achieved my Personal Best on a run of 10km by training twice a week on the running track, hill and most important interval runs and with a group of friend for


My heart rate went down to 30% in only 3 months time and kept progressing.


The fact is: progress your endurance is the most important as it take time to sharpen it, Strength and resistance training will come after and will be easier once you have acquire a great endurance skills.


At the end of each 3 weeks program you will be evaluate on

Physical ability (aerobics capacity, Strength endurance, Aerobic Power, capacity lactic anaerobic, Max force and power),

Psychometric ability (Balance, coordination, reaction time),

Ability perceptual and cognitive (Peripheral vision, memorisation) and 

-Personality traits (Tolerance to stress, perseverance, a sense of responsibility, trend has the cooperation)

Please note that it is important to follow the exact days of the program without skipping any session to see your progress, Don’ give up you will be rewarded!


  1. “The Skill Sharpening week end” is a combination of survival training skills and first aid certification course created by my brother Sebastien, you will have later on an extensive choice of courses that you can select and also in different country and different environment.

You will be able to learn to recognise and treat exposure (Hypo/Hyperthermia), to cook a meal without utensils, locate and purify water, to Make a Fire, a survival shelter, a small game trap, a natural cordage from the nature, how to react in front of dangerous animals and much more!

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