Jeu de tête avec lampe recommandé
13 km dont 15 obstacles
Personne ne peut être laissé derrière


Plus tôt vous arrivez du parcours de nuit, plus vous vous reposez
Une couverture d’urgence est fournie pour dormir


Réveil téléphonique – parcours nautique (les nageurs ne sont pas acceptés)
13 km dont 15 obstacles

A VENIR BIENTÔT La première course créée par de véritables «LEGIONNAIRES» dans lesquels vous serez mis au défi toute la nuit jusqu’au lever du soleil, créé par les adjudants des Trois Légions, basé sur leur entraînement quotidien dans l’exercice de leurs fonctions. Pas moins de 30 obstacles à surmonter et personne pour vous aider à parcourir les 26 kilomètres. Venez profiter avec nous de la meilleure compétition! Utilisez votre imagination, votre endurance, votre vision et votre force pour survivre la nuit! Lorsque vous atteignez le lever du soleil, une autre mission sera donnée. Surveillez vos 6, quelqu’un pourrait retarder.



Why do we need to be a minimum of 2 persons to do the race?

For safety reason as it is a starting night race you will need to have a buddy to support you in case of emergency.

Some obstacles as well are a bit difficult to complete individually.

Can we skip some obstacles?

Yes if you are not confident to pass the obstacles, but you will always have the support of our volunteer and your teams mates to pass through the obstacle.

Don’ t worries if you really don t feel doing one of the obstacles you will not have any penalty.

The goal of Skill Sharpening association is “Never get man left behind” Meaning that everyone will pass the arrival line and get the medal.

How many water point during the race?

A total of 6 water point (3 during the night Mission and 3 during the morning Mission).

Can I join even if i have no swimming experience (water phobia)?

Of course, nautical obstacles are perfectly safe with life guards and safety jacket are available if it makes you more confident.

What to do if you have no partner to register for the race?

Register as a single runner to “la course des renards solitaires” and the team will be set later on. http://inscriptions.oxybol.fr/inscription_synthese.php

Is the Race and obstacles very difficult? and Safe?

This is a race where you will challenge yourself, it’ s all depend of your training performance, as a member you will be able to get a lot of tips from our specialists to be able to complete all the obstacles easily, as well to adapt yourself walking and running in the natural environment. (Night and Day)

Safety is our priority, all our obstacles are tested and safe using a maximum of natural products.

What to bring and what to wear during the race?

Be comfortable and travel light, we recommend:

Head set with lamp for Sundown mission
Compression Shirt or normal shirt preferably Wicking fabrics (No cotton)
Compression shorts or Normal running short
Wool or wicking sock (No Cotton)
Trail shoes (Salomon preferably)
Gloves (For some obstacles)

What i get before, during and after the race?

One Race pack which include all the information about the race, one race cap and more
Participation of 2 missions (Sundown and Sunrise) for a total of 26km
More than 30 Adrenaline Obstacles in one of the most beautiful place in the world.
Finisher T-Shirt
One drink ticket of your choice
Your own photos in action!
Surprise gift for the 3 fastest winning team who complete all the obstacles!

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