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Every individual can be optimised to obtain their true potential by using nutritional food, combined with a personalised life style. Epigenetic Mapping is the first step towards reaching your goals.


All that is required are four freshly plucked hair strands with their follicles. A German processors is used for the Digital mapping of the epigenetic indicators, which are highlighted in an individual 28 page nutritional food report.

The technology is perfect for athletes as well for as those who care about their personal optimisation.

The technology and reports are not classed as diagnostic in any way and conforms with the FDAs wellness guidelines 1300013 (UCM429674), as the epigenetic report Motivates/encourages/supports the achievement of wellness goals.

How it works:

  1. Once you order your choice of program we will contact you to confirm an appointment
  1. We will collect 3 to 4 strands of your hair from the base of your neck (or your armpit if you are bald) for scanning
  1. Your hair is scanned directly and data is then transferred to our Cell Wellbeing center in Germany
  1. Within 15 min you will received by email the complete report with includes your 90 days plan
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PROGRAM 1: Your Optimise Naturally Program

  1. YOUR personal 34 pages optimise naturally program including:
  • 9 Key Optimisation areas
  • 6 Step optimisation program
  • Self Check Questionnaires
  • Foods to Increase
  • Foods to Avoid
  1. YOUR personal optimise naturally 90 days Wellness plan.
  2. FREE recipe from chef Nicolas custom to your body needs.
  3. FREE 15 minute consultation with one of our Epigenetic Coach via telephone, or skype.


PROGRAM 2: Your Optimise Training Elite Nutritional Report

  1. YOUR personal 28 pages Optimise Training Elite Nutritional Report including:
  • 9 Key Optimisation Areas
  • Your Training & Endurance Indicators
  • Foods & Additives Avoidance Recommendations
  • Food Recommendations to Increase
  1. YOUR Personal training nutritional 90 days Peak performance plan.
  2. FREE recipe from chef Nicolas custom to your body needs.
  3. FREE 15 minute consultation with one of our Epigenetic Coach via telephone, or skype.


Add on:

  1. Ongoing Guidance, support with regular consultation, via telephone or skype or email for 90 days.


  1. Get your weekly Menu with Recipes tailored to your needs for only 50$ per week!*

*This is 50$ per week,after 7 days if You want to continue this service You need to pay again.

Fabien Ghys
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Founder of ER I’ve learned so much with Skillsharpening! Definitely, a solid knowledge when it comes to training and nutrition. I really loved the Epigenetic test that allows me to learn so much on nutrition! Thank you so much!
Sébastien Bodet
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Olympic Swimmer • Osteopath @UFIT Clinic • Personal Trainer & Swim Coach @Osteofit Thanks to Skill Sharpening for the epigenetic test! You will learn some amazing things about what to eat/avoid in order to train and live better! Simple and you’ll get the results instantly!
Jason Chee
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Personal trainer, fitness influencer of the year
Marcus Reed
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aka SG Kenyan Runner SG National Athlete Rec holder for 2.4km
Laeticia Person
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Journalist it's highly motivating to train with Skill Sharpening. He helped me to rectify bad postures, gave me very good advice and pushes me to constantly surpass myself. I really have progressed since I started to train with Skill Sharpening!
Francois Dubrulle:
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Director and Co-founder The Green airliner Skill Sharpening is definitely a compelling offer. Thanks!
Jimmie Lene Read,
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Certified Personal Trainer at Body Temple. I would get answers, be in control and no pharmaceuticals. Thank you Nicolas!! So what were my results? Whoa!! 0 Heavy metal overload. Oh dear. This leads to dimentia and Alzheimer’s! Thank goodness I’m finding out now so I can do something about it. This process has been an eye opener. I’m learning more about health and myself.

Charity Program:
“We all deserve healthy food”
5$ per report will be donated as brown rice to the orphanages in
Bintan Island (Indonesia) every month.


The information we collect from you will not be distributed to any THIRD parties. Your Privacy is our first and foremost our priority.

If you have any questions you can email us or call us with your questions, we are here to assit.
Email: nicolas@skillsharpening.com
Telephone: +6586699783