Skill Sharpening implements its first European rustic parcours!

“It has been tested and confirmed – it will give you a hard time”

We wanted to build a permanent training zone and it’s done.

After the Thirsty Fox Race 2018, we focused on the development of obstacles on one zone (Roumoules – Motocross).

Thanks to our loyal partnership with the association of the “moto club du Var” ( thank you Eric) who holds the lease of the site, as well as the approval of Roumoules’s mayor (who has supported us since the beginning – thank you Sir), we were able to permanently install some training structures.

Nevertheless, it was not finished, we had to work hundreds hours with some of our faithful pillars of skill sharpening (Sergio, Christophe, Yann, Pierre, Fergal and especially the fox father Francis who always being there in spite of tough climatic conditions – hardiness obliges). A big thank you to all, you were strong.

This training zone has been studied to make you obtain / improve several skills:

• Going beyond your limit, moving at height, taste for effort

• Physical training, personal potential optimisation

• Team work – cohesion (for all group sessions, works council, any discipline sports team, father-son, mother-daughter, …

• Hardiness, to get sharpened …

We opened this training structure through two Skill Sharpening weekends (9-10 and 16-17 November 2019), which consisted of bringing you on a Saturday afternoon and departing on Sunday at noon. Of course with a night in bivouac mode, a soup and some grills to entertain ourselves while a feeling temperature at -2 ° C. Exercising on the field for first half-day, as well as initiation to shooting (light weapon), and a timed round of the full parcours for the other half-day, without forgetting the warm-up in Legion mode.

Two successive groups and a few individuals have been able to test this program, a total of fifteen people. They have all been brave, and have earned a “Level 1 – Skill Sharpening – Ground zone”. Congratulations to all of these faithful, as many of them had participated in the Thirsty Fox Race 2018.

Here is a Youtube link of some screen shots videos. https: //youtu.be/hzj6zBNZDX8

To conclude, since its beginning, this mission has gathered, effort, sharing, a great achievement reward.

For this mission, only.

Supposed that we are still booking other great adventures, so get ready.

The Skill Sharpening Team

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