Container Obstacles – Confined Environments


“It will give you a hard time.” It is flexible and will surprise you with each passage.

Through this type of obstacle course, we want to place individuals who will enter here in difficulty – in order for them to learn how to keep their calm, to try and consume the least possible oxygen, as well as find their exit route by means of touch.

Advance or stay stuck in a dark, unhealthy, narrow, closed, humid or dry space, where the person is unable to move comfortably and resembling situations such as:

  • Being trapped in a crashed car
  • Being trapped under the debris of a building destroyed by an earthquake
  • Working in tanks/underground/piping
  • Intervening as a rescue team in a confined environment
  • Being trapped in an avalanche

Still in progress, we already have a desire to thank our shepherd of Riez for his help in unloading upon delivery, providing a MANITOU as well as his good mood.

It is from there that the “customization” can take place.
On the program; elbow grease, a strong dose of hard work, a few gallons of water, and 2 Francis in top form.
Sanding, painting, and Provencal camouflage, as well as drilling, screwing and assembly.

What’s going on inside, aside from the fact that we’ve added some metal and holes, will remain a surprise for the participants of the “Thirsty Fox Race” on the 6th October 7, 2018.

In the meantime, we will unveil part of the obstacle course through an advertising campaign, in which everyone can come and test it (with a fatigued condition, of course) on December 16, 2017. A post will be sent .

A big thank you to both Francis and their wives Françoise and Chantal, who are working alongside Sebastien in order for this project to come to life.

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