Skill Sharpening implements its first European rustic parcours!

“It has been tested and confirmed – it will give you a hard time”

We wanted to build a permanent training zone and it’s done.

After the Thirsty Fox Race 2018, we focused on the development of obstacles on one zone (Roumoules – Motocross).

Thanks to our loyal partnership with the association of the “moto club du Var” ( thank you Eric) who holds the lease of the site, as well as the approval of Roumoules’s mayor (who has supported us since the beginning – thank you Sir), we were able to permanently install some training structures.

Nevertheless, it was not finished, we had to work hundreds hours with some of our faithful pillars of skill sharpening (Sergio, Christophe, Yann, Pierre, Fergal and especially the fox father Francis who always being there in spite of tough climatic conditions – hardiness obliges). A big thank you to all, you were strong.

This training zone has been studied to make you obtain / improve several skills:

• Going beyond your limit, moving at height, taste for effort

• Physical training, personal potential optimisation

• Team work – cohesion (for all group sessions, works council, any discipline sports team, father-son, mother-daughter, …

• Hardiness, to get sharpened …

We opened this training structure through two Skill Sharpening weekends (9-10 and 16-17 November 2019), which consisted of bringing you on a Saturday afternoon and departing on Sunday at noon. Of course with a night in bivouac mode, a soup and some grills to entertain ourselves while a feeling temperature at -2 ° C. Exercising on the field for first half-day, as well as initiation to shooting (light weapon), and a timed round of the full parcours for the other half-day, without forgetting the warm-up in Legion mode.

Two successive groups and a few individuals have been able to test this program, a total of fifteen people. They have all been brave, and have earned a “Level 1 – Skill Sharpening – Ground zone”. Congratulations to all of these faithful, as many of them had participated in the Thirsty Fox Race 2018.

Here is a Youtube link of some screen shots videos. https: //

To conclude, since its beginning, this mission has gathered, effort, sharing, a great achievement reward.

For this mission, only.

Supposed that we are still booking other great adventures, so get ready.

The Skill Sharpening Team

And yes, this mission has a number, the 1. We will continue our humanitarian adventure with other missions always beautiful and rich in emotions.

For this one, we can announce that the loop is buckled. Abdeer, the big winner of the draw has fulfilled his mission with honor and loyalty. Thank you for your good mood, Abdeer.

A little reminder of how everything had started.

The Skill Sharpening team had chosen an orphanage in Indonesia to sponsor, materially support, and bring food.

It has come to the idea of ​​collecting pens and other school materials during Skill Sharpening weekends. For this, one of our sponsors in Riez (PROXI super), was particularly engaged in offering a suitcase and a large number of colored pencils (a big thank you again). This collected material will have to be forwarded from France to Indonesia by one of our members who will draw lots.

What better than to make this draw at the end of our annual challenge, the Thirsty Fox Race. So Elise (5 years old), faithful and very determined, had the honor to draw a winner from all the volunteers and participants of the race. This is where Abdeer was chosen. We made a commitment to offering him a trip (5 days) with a person of his choice so that this suitcase arrives at its destination. It is Mathieu, his faithful teammate in the team of firefighters of Digne Les Bains who joined him. A great man too.

Once the school year was over, our two friends could finally accomplish their mission, so in July 2019. A sports week waited for them, with the presentation of Skill Sharpening Singapore and his team of runners, a session of Self Defense and Crossfit, short enough to take the boat direction BATAM, in good shape (a little tired anyway, Lol).

The surprise is that Sebastien and Elise joined them in this mission, so it was a great team of Skill Sharpening who was represented, with of course Nicolas and Kookie but also Fabien who was able to collect a lot of games and clothes (thank you team).

We were received by the tutors of the orphanage and the thirty children, with an overflowing kindness. Elise was adopted immediately, the little girls were eager to play with her. The little boys took on the challenge of setting up a circuit and choosing a few clothes, in short, a dose of emotions and simplicity that touched us all. We have seen the rustic conditions in which these children live. There is little or no subsidy in the country.

Info: Skill Sharpening is creating an app that will collect donations, which will help collect material and food more regularly. A mission every 2 months will be set up. This is not a trip from France, do not exaggerate, Lol. It will be the Singapore team (Nico and Kookie) to organize the transfers (45 min by boat).

An extension of the building on the upper part had been started and never finished, so Skill Sharpening will do a collection to build this missing roof. We’ll explain that later.

We all went to a second orphanage a little further down the island, where the welcome was just as warm, with a demonstration of their traditional songs. Real musicians, it was a pure moment of exchange.

This is how the France team left by a night flight, with the feeling of a mission accomplished.

Congratulations to all, to those who gave their time, equipment, and ultimately, have helped to make some children happier.

Get ready, next year, we take care of the roof.

Skill Sharpening.





Nous avons accompagné Melissa (un membre de Skill Sharpening France) à travers une belle aventure.

Les « élections de Miss Prestige ».

C’est en ayant maquillé une des Miss de l’année dernière, que Melissa s’est faite remarquée. Apres le passage des pré-sélections pour la future représentante de la région PACA, Melissa reste toujours en piste et atteint la finale.

Un des critères pour ces Miss, est au-delà de la beauté, c’est de porter un message, ou bien par le biais de la représentation d’une association ou par l’expression de ses propres convictions.

Melissa s’est proposée de représenter notre association « Skill Sharpening », et en l’occurrence le fait que nous aidions un orphelinat chaque année.

Une ambassadrice est née.

Apres de nombreux messages de soutien, une délégation d’amis proches, de famille et de membre de l’association est finalement descendue à Cannes pour soutenir cette belle ambassadrice de Skill Sharpening.

Un show de 2h30, enchainant tenue d’élégance et plus légère, pour finir avec une robe de mariée.

Apres délibéré par un jury et comptabilité des votes parmi le public, notre Melissa a pu obtenir la quatrième écharpe, qui représente la plus populaire sur les réseaux sociaux.

C’est du coup une belle victoire pour nous tous.

Notre ambassadrice a dû faire face à quelque-chose à laquelle elle n’était pas habituée, faire face à un public, l’expression face à des centaines de personnes, bref un dépassement de soi auquel on la félicite très chaleureusement.


Bravo Melissa, 😊

“They will make you realize that all alone, we do not go very far.”
We wanted, by this type of obstacle, to put people in difficulty in relation to the height, before going to the upper stage which will be aerial (with harness). Everything in its time.

Before reaching an obstacle, you must always:
1. Listen to specific safety instructions from the instructor
2. Observe the environment of the obstacle
3. Organize and give orders for the team

In any case, you will not be asked to jump, so do not take shortcuts, they can be detrimental.
In everyday life, this will teach you to always take the time to observe, analyze and finally make a decision about a situation. In this case, it could be likened to:
– Passage in the mountains
– Passage through rubble of a building destroyed by an earthquake
– Work at height
– Intervene as a rescue team in a hilly environment, …

This could not be achieved without the efforts and sweat of many of us and in particular Francis R, Fergal K, Dylan M, Yann L, Laurent and Tom B and Sebastien.
To all, you deserve a good holiday, a big thank you and especially for your good mood throughout these days.

“Two editions already. The third will be held during the Skill Sharpening weekend of October 6 and 7, 2018, in RIEZ (04500) “. It will promise, our little ones will have to prepare well because it will be bigger.

We wanted, through this type of course, to challenge our kids in relation to the height, the sense of balance and test their agility.

This type of course, which can vary from 150m to 1km (depending on the event location), allows the child to desensitise compared to the confined space, the hostile environment (spider and other insects), the height, discomfort. But above all, learn to listen and follow simple instructions, or techniques of passing obstacles.

It is important to reward an effort, so we attribute to the kids who have completed the course, a basic certif-icate of aging, official.

These small obstacles, rustic for the whole, were assembled using the natural environment as much as pos-sible. Yann L, Dylan M, Francis R, Tom and Laurent B and Sébastien had a big role in their realisation and disassembly, thanks to the strong guys. Thanks to Giselle C, Françoise R and Valérie B for their logistical support and good mood.

Congratulations go back to Sebastien’s daughter Elise R, who follows him on all fronts, facing the weather and testing each obstacle before validation. Bravo little fox, you assure.
And nothing like a family picnic for the occasion 😊

Skill Sharpening recently started the Charity program at Batam Island in Indonesia.

There is more than 45 orphanage houses in Batam!

Big thanks to everyone one who did the hair test every 5$ per test has been donated to buy rice and necessary materials for the kids by Skill Sharpening project.

Skill Sharpening helps and reverses a percentage of its activities for orphanages of the countries where we organise our events.

Thank you to everyone who came down, donated clothes, donated food and their time. If we all do a little we can help out a lot. Let’s help make a difference in 2018.

“We all deserve healthy food”

It is great pleasure to welcome in our association, two fantastic athletes who took place since March 2018 in Nigeria.

Coach Chika, specializing in fitness, aerobics and Yoga. Its strength and flexibility promise you great demonstrations through its high quality training.

Coach King, specializing in bodybuilding and heading towards “outdoor training” (Skill Sharpening specialty), will guide you towards good movement practice and how to gain strength.


They are both from Port Harcourt – Nigeria, and will share their experience twice a month. See program below.


“It will give you a hard time.” It is flexible and will surprise you with each passage.

Through this type of obstacle course, we want to place individuals who will enter here in difficulty – in order for them to learn how to keep their calm, to try and consume the least possible oxygen, as well as find their exit route by means of touch.

Advance or stay stuck in a dark, unhealthy, narrow, closed, humid or dry space, where the person is unable to move comfortably and resembling situations such as:

  • Being trapped in a crashed car
  • Being trapped under the debris of a building destroyed by an earthquake
  • Working in tanks/underground/piping
  • Intervening as a rescue team in a confined environment
  • Being trapped in an avalanche

Still in progress, we already have a desire to thank our shepherd of Riez for his help in unloading upon delivery, providing a MANITOU as well as his good mood.

It is from there that the “customization” can take place.
On the program; elbow grease, a strong dose of hard work, a few gallons of water, and 2 Francis in top form.
Sanding, painting, and Provencal camouflage, as well as drilling, screwing and assembly.

What’s going on inside, aside from the fact that we’ve added some metal and holes, will remain a surprise for the participants of the “Thirsty Fox Race” on the 6th October 7, 2018.

In the meantime, we will unveil part of the obstacle course through an advertising campaign, in which everyone can come and test it (with a fatigued condition, of course) on December 16, 2017. A post will be sent .

A big thank you to both Francis and their wives Françoise and Chantal, who are working alongside Sebastien in order for this project to come to life.

The nautical course (or I’d rather say the Nautical Obstacle Course).

We build it and achieve it in 8 days. We are so thankful to ANGEL.B which from some photos data given by the Legionnaires, has been able to recreate the ideas of the ideal course for a great morning training. A designer Director. Thanks to Angel.B

The passion, The satisfaction, the help and ideas made by TOM et CLEMENT have been more than appreciated. Guys, you still want more obstacle course, we will give you more, lol.

This is not without counting the assistance of families and relatives (Françoise and Francis.R, Valérie and Laurent.B, Chantal and Francis.D, Sauveur.M, Yazid.B, Stéphane.M, Virgine.R, Marjorie.M, Sandrine.B), you have really helped to make things run smoothly always at the appropriate time, Thank you for all your help, you are valuable.

On the day preceding the demonstration (“Obstacles in the water”), with the arrival of the Legionnaires to support the President. Sergio and Fergal have therefore given us their hands by taking the following activities, i.e. “Help the volunteer and Organization of the course”. Obviously, the three Legionnaires have slept on the banks of the lake for the surveillance of the equipment; as they say, “une nuit de clébard”

The actual day, Saturday 12 August 2017, we were ready. A 6h30AM, Sergio, Fergal, and Seb have tested the course before the scheduled opening at 9 am. Back to our roots, a reminder of the memories of the past workouts.

Our friend and colleague CLAUDE.B arrived with his family (Sandrine.B, the two sons and the

“clébard”), they also provided incredible assistance and a good mood which has not finished to make us laugh. The famous kilt 5.11.

The participants have succeeded (family, friends, tourists), to lead us to a day conducted without incident, thanks also to our Volunteer Nurse Virginie.R.

This allowed us to ensure the reliability of our equipment, strengthen a few rules of passage, and introducing a new concept putting the obstacles in the water to avoid the systematic destructuration of the obstacles.

A wave of photos and videos will be presented to you on our bank of images.

What next? Be ready, the flying obstacle course coming soon!